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Don't you hate it when a company you don't like just keeps producing excellent products.  Both the original Xbox and now the Xbox 360 push the technology and deliver on gaming fun.  I've included listings of the games I enjoy, as well as a description of how the Xbox and Xbox 360 fit in the my network.  There is also a page devoted to Xbox Live - why?  Because you are missing half the fun if you are not playing your games on Xbox Live.  Another section deals with using the Xbox and the Xbox 360 as Media Center Extenders for a Media Center PC.

There are certainly other products out there for gaming.  The Wii is a good, similarly priced gaming machine with a revolutionary and damn fun control scheme.  However, it really isn't next-generation (the graphics are comparable to a regular Xbox).  The PS3, while coming from the successful PlayStation family, seems to be having problems meeting expectations and providing a compelling reason to purchase (see my comparison between the Xbox 360 and PS3).

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