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Genealogy is an additive hobby that never ends.  I will have periodic bursts of activity until I'm overwhelmed and walk away for a while.  At one point I was using a "home-grown" program to display my gedcom database, but it had some major flaws that were revealing information on still living individuals.  There are some java based tools on the web now for displaying information in a genealogy database that I am investigating and hopefully I will be able to return the appropriate portions of my database to this site.

Current mysteries that I am working on include:

  • Marcus B. Blackburn: Would like to know who my great-great grandfather really was.  Was he Addison's Brother?
  • Great-grandfather Lindsley (first name unknown, father to Gladys, May, Fred, George, Henry, and Maude)  Might have been a confederate solider.  Died about 1904.
  • Hiram M. Jackson
  • Henkles (from the Philomath Oregon area)
  • Reubon Gant (reportedly first man to pay the toll over the Barlow Trail, married Nancy Goodrich)

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