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Okay, here is a another list of someone's personal favorites.  Big whoop.  I don't run a blog (and have no intention of doing so), so you will just have to gather what you about my personality from the links below.  I've included explanations as to why there were included
Have you read Mr. Pratchett's satire?  I recommend starting with Good Omens and then moving onto his Disc World series.  He is funny, but most importantly he really understands what makes people tick.  His insights routinely floor me and I find myself changing my behavior because of what he writes.
My wife will hardly let me go to Portland.  Somehow the visit always includes a stop here at Powells (and then onto Fry's).  One of the more weird moments in my life happened during a business trip to Albania.  When trying to explain where in the world I was from, the individual to whom I was speaking noted: "Oh...the Northwest...then you must be near Powells.  Can you bring me a book I ordered next time you come?"  What is amazing, is that this has happened more then once during my travels.  Screw Amazon, give these tree-huggers a wack at finding what you want and if you are ever in Portland, Oregon - give yourself at least an afternoon to explore and to just enjoy the atmosphere in what is the quintessential bookstore.
Wahoo!  While the Xbox demographic was 14 - 30 year olds, it not only attract those under this range, but has a substantial following for those who would be viewed as decrepitly old by its target audience.  No apologies - its fun.  Look for me on Xbox Live as NukeGnome.
Everyone needs a homepage to start from when they logon to the internet.  I've tried them all, including building my own on my local machine.  IMHO, it is a toss up between Yahoo's simple interface and Microsoft MSN's "pretty" look.  I hate to give kudo's to Microsoft, but they've done it again.  Their portal makes a great starting point, if not a place to regularly visit.  Darn them for continuing to put out useful products!
Like I indicated above, everyone needs a homepage to start from when they logon to the internet.  After trying them all it has come down to a draw between MSN's portal and Yahoo's.  You decide.  They are both worth customizing and visiting regularly.
Not a great spot on the internet, but if you are in the area of one of stores (listed on the site) and if you have any geek factor at all, you HAVE to stop in and peruse the merchandise.  These stores are just plain fun.
Family Favorites: I cannot really put a bunch of favorites up without listing the family's sites.  You judge the content.  :)


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