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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello, my name is Tye.  I was named after a small logging community on Kooteney Lake in British Columbia where my father and grandfather ran a logging camp.  (Location: Lat: 49:20:17N  Lon: 116:46:52W).  From Highway 3A, go across the lake from Sirdar to Kootenay Landing and head north.

I grew up in a small logging/farming community in Oregon in the 1960's and 70's.  Went to college in Washington in the early 1980's.  Met the love of my life, got married, and started a family right out of college.  Joined the U.S. Navy and pushed nuclear submarines around the ocean for the remainder of the 80's.  Worked in the early 1990's in the commercial nuclear industry but then joined a national laboratory and have worked as a project manager on U.S. sponsored activities in the former Soviet Union (FSU) since 1996.  This has included work in their commercial nuclear industry as well as some tasks with their production reactors.  Most of my work now is centered on nonproliferation work in Central Asia and Asia.   Interesting work and great people.

The immediate family consists of my wife and I, two children (both in college), two dogs (Australian Sheppard's), and a damn cat (16 years old as of this writing and as healthy and full of vinegar as a kitten).  We live in the desert part of Washington (yes - a substantial portion of the Evergreen State has NO trees and is hot, dry, and brown).

For the record - this is the only known photo of me with a mustache.  Hard to tell, but it comes in bushy and red (probably grey if I tried today).  Got off the sub from this patrol and my daughter proclaimed, "that's not my Daddy." End of story, end of mustache.

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