Lego Star Wars:  This game has got to have had the absolute worst advertising campaign in history (might be wrong there, you have to have something for it to be bad - there just was never any advertising for this game).  It didn't even show up on the Xbox website until months after its release.  However, word-of-mouth made it a sleeper hit (was on the best seller lists top places for PS2, Xbox, and PCs for several months).  And for good reason.  This is a fun, fun game.  I don't care what your age.  My nephews like it (pre-teen) as does my son and his friends (late-teens), and it is a big hit with my wife, brother, and I (all in our 40s).  If you like Legos and Star Wars, you are going to love this game.  I cannot imagine what Legos, Lucas Arts, and Microsoft were thinking when this game was released.  They really, really missed an opportunity.  It did get great reviews online (most magazines were more tepid in their reviews).  Check out the GameSpy Lego Star Wars review.

I really enjoyed the multi player portion of this game.  A second player can jump in and drop out as desired (and in fact is required too in order to complete certain sections).  The replay value is high as you have to return to different levels after you unlock certain characters in order to complete all the quests/goals.  I usually don't go in for puzzle solving, jumping platformers, but this is the exception.  Wish more game designers would take a lesson here (are you listening Rare?).

If you haven't gotten a copy, do so.  This is a must have

Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy:  I eagerly awaited this release.  And it was worth it.  This is just as much fun, if not more then the original.  They fixed some of the flaws and let's face it, the material this time (the original three episodes) makes for much better background material.

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star

Lego Star
Wars II

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